Design of efficient visual information systems in the workplace

design-visual-info-systemsFor a number of years Dr Nicola Bateman has been working on the design of visual information systems that improve company operations. This multidisciplinary research examines the implementation process of visual management boards, also taking into account complex factors such as working environment, the working practices, and the organisational culture. Therefore, these boards can display information regarding departmental performance, training data, work in progress etc., and can be designed to suit the individual requirements of the user. A number of large UK and International organisations from a variety of sectors have already benefited and are currently benefiting from skill development initiatives and successful change interventions based on this innovative work. For instance, a recent application of Dr Bateman’s research in a large UK service company has contributed to measurable improvements in individual and team performance as well as in organisational practices regarding communications, problem solving, and the management of external relationships.

“…Because a lot of what we do is about change management and landing things. And being able to build the capability of people, let people feel masters on their subject, is a very important part of change management. And so, we do an awful lot of training within the teams within companies, but also in deployment. And all those training activities will use some of the stuff that Nicola and I have done together, and Nicola’s material can be seen in some of our management information training booklet here. So, you can see immediate impact.”
Jonathan Tidd, OEE Consulting, June 2016