Link to more information about SIMTEGR8The SIMTEGR8 project is a major study aimed at evaluating how emergency hospital admissions can be reduced and help improve the patient journey through new integrated interventions.

The objectives of this study are to:

  • Evaluate the current interventions to identify the critical points (touchpoints, handoffs and failure demand) for the patient journey.
  • Provide Innovation and testing of some new models of thinking and metrics that could be implemented to align transformation of health and social care related to patient journey experience.
  • Influence policy nationally by building an evidence base and online application to inform the design of future service delivery.

You can either use these SIMTERG8 simulations to find out whether the interventions could work in your locality or just to watch the flow of people using the patient pathway and the avoided admissions. The online handbooks include a step by step guide to input your own figures.

Take a look at a video here of Stewart Robinson discussing this tool and how it has been used to great effect in hospitals to help take the strain off A&E departments.