Consultancy is one of the ways we share our research knowledge and expertise with industry, government and the public sector. At Loughborough, we focus our attention on applied research studies, which add value beyond pure research, in economic, social and cultural terms. Our aim at the School of Business and Economics is to enable our experts to engage in projects with organisations regardless of their size. We are working with universities, research organisations and companies in the UK and globally to provide added value for society.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Our academic staff and postdoc researchers are keen to help and apply their knowledge to help solve problems. By working together we offer to provide trusted expertise, which can deliver mutual benefits. We identify and match experts in the School of Business and Economics to external projects in many sectors to help achieve specific objectives such as enhance business performance, streamline processes, and resolve problems.

Our projects include:

Personal and organisational development Consumer behaviour Digital inclusion Sustainability Strategic decision making Information management


[email protected] Current Projects:

Customer Experience

Digital Technology and Big Data - Future of the High Street

Digital Support System (DSS)