Sometimes academics produce outputs that are non-peer-reviewed, for example, policy documents, toolkits, simulators, magazine publications, etc.

In order to document these outputs, which are significant for impact tracking, you can use our university’s Data Repository and log your non-peer-reviewed output. This process will create a DOI for your output, be stored in LUPIN and will be added to your academic outputs. You can then import this output, like any other publication, to your Vertigo Venture impact tracker.

What is DOI?

DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. It is used to uniquely identify objects, mainly academic outputs, such as journal articles, research reports, data sets and official publications.

While peer-reviewed publications are automatically assigned a DOI, non-peer-reviewed outputs do not get any DOI, which means they cannot be uniquely identified, manually or automatically, by impact platforms such as  AltmetricImpactStory, etc.

How to create a DOI

You are invited to watch this short video that will guide you step by step. The video shows how to upload files to the Loughborough Data Repository. It also demonstrates how a Loughborough academic’s deposits are automatically added to their Symplectic Elements (LUPIN) profile.