What does EMOTIVE do?emotive-logo

EMOTIVE captures in real time all the tweets about the products and services you care about, works out not what people say, but what they really feel emotionally, and displays this in an intuitive and customisable way.

How does it do it?

EMOTIVE captures the tweets you care about, and analyses them to extract the emotion using our own proprietary technology (a complex natural language processing ontology), developed from research at Loughborough University.

What do I see?

Through a secure and specifically tailored interface, you see a real time picture of what your customers really feel about your products, services and news, displayed in an intuitive and customisable format.

Interactive tool:

A recent event where EMOTIVE successfully predicted the result was the US Election Day, 8 November 2016.

Everyone was analysing Twitter as the presidential election approached but only EMOTIVE offered an opportunity to analyse the emotional content of voters’ tweets. Proven in the 2015 UK General Election and beyond, EMOTIVE allows you to create apps and websites to offer your audience a valuable perspective on electoral feeling about the candidates and issues.

  • 8 different cross-cultural emotions analysed
  • Scale up of up to 10,000 tweets / second.

View a video here in which SBE Impact Innovators, Prof Tom Jackson and Dr Martin Sykora, discuss the way in which emotions are expressed via social media and how with super-fast processers, they can analyse these emotions to assess the mood of a nation.