Professor John Arnold
Director of Research Impact
John liaises with the Associate Dean (research) and Associate Dean (Enterprise) in the School, as well as their equivalents in other Schools, to create and maintain a joined-up approach to impact, as well as contributing to the day to day work of Impact@SBE. He also reports to the university on the School’s impact activities, and is a member of RIDe, which is the university’s impact committee.
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Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
Director of Impact@SBE
Fiona takes the lead in scoping and managing the strategy and operations of Impact@SBE. Her remit and expertise cover all areas of the unit’s activity, including consultancy, applied research, effective public relations, use of social and other media, and development of new contacts. Fiona conspicuously practices what she preaches, for example in her development of a retail status analysis system, which provides practical indicators of retail performance in respect to both digital and physical attributes of town centres. Her work is for use by government and commercial agencies.
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Dr Tzameret Rubin
Senior Research and Enterprise Associate in Impact@SBE
Tzameret's background is the economic impact of innovation, in particular knowledge flow, business incubator and public–private collaboration to foster innovation. She has researched and advised upon innovation policy and practice. She conducted R&D impact studies for the NSW (Australia) government's Chief Scientist and she was also an innovation government policy researcher in the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Technion University. Tzameret also has experience as a pre-sale manager in technology companies, and as an R&D Technical Engineer.
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Dr Stanimira Taneva
Senior Research and Enterprise Associate in Impact@SBE
Stanimira is an organisational and developmental psychologist by background and her experience is a combination between academia and practice. She has worked in public, 3rd sectors and private business organisations, including setting up and running a university careers centre, conducting a careers transition programme for ex‑military personnel, (co)developing and managing a number of research and applied projects focused upon personal and organisational development (including a cross-cultural programme on the ageing workforce). Stanimira has extensive experience of working with people from a variety of ethnic, cultural and professional backgrounds.
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Claire Creaser
LISU Director
Claire is a Chartered Statistician and has been employed at LISU since 1994. Her main areas of interest are in the use of statistical evidence for management, with a particular focus on benchmarking; analysis and interpretation of survey data; and scholarly communication, in particular, researcher behaviours and open access to research outputs. As LISU Director, she is involved in a wide range of research and consultancy projects, and is responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of the various data collections and analyses undertaken. She takes an active role in promoting good statistical practice via several committees, including as Chair of the BSI committee for Library and Publishing Statistics, and a member of the Royal Statistical Society Statistics User Forum.
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Valérie Spezi
Research Associate
Valérie is a qualified librarian and an information science researcher. Her main research interest is scholarly communication, i.e. how researchers communicate their findings to their peers and beyond academia, as well as researchers’ information behaviours. She has worked on a number of research projects for both the private, public and third sector. Her research interests extend to Open Access, Open Science, and the management and provision of information services.
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Sonya White
Assistant Statistician
Sonya compiles the Fines and Charges in Public Libraries in England and Wales publication, the annual statistics for the University Computing and Information Systems Association (UCISA) and The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL). She has also contributed to several one-off projects, including The Publication and Dissemination Behaviour of Researchers and the Influence of Research Assessment as well as research into The Dissemination Behaviour of Researchers, as part of the EU PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research) project.
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Sharon Fletcher
Administration Officer
Sharon has worked at Loughborough University in an administrative role for a number of years and provides support, within the School of Business and Economics, to Impact@SBE, LISU and The Glendonbrook Centre. Her current responsibilities include workshop administration; survey design and administration; publication processes and distribution; managing online resources and Impact/LISU websites.