Welsh library standards

library-image1In 2012 CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales, a division of the Welsh Government, commissioned the first of two projects, which constitute this series of research initiatives, led by Claire Creaser. The first project reviewed a range of existing quality assessment frameworks used in libraries and the public sector, assessed their suitability for national application across Wales, and made recommendations for the future assessment framework. The second project was commissioned in 2013, and LISU worked with the 22 library authorities in Wales to devise a practical set of quality standards and performance indicators based on the recommendations. This fifth framework, Libraries making a difference (Welsh Government, 2014) was implemented for the 2014‑15 reporting year, and will run until 2017.

“Our public libraries are vital to Welsh Government strategies, policy and delivery for knowledge and skills, education and community development.  On 3 December, I announced an expert review of current and future plans by local authorities to deliver public library services…The review will be undertaken by a small reference panel chaired by Claire Creaser, Director of LISU, Loughborough University. Claire is an authority on library performance measures and led the development of the latest Welsh Public Library Standards Framework.”
John Griffiths, Minister for Culture and Sport, February 2014