Sustainable freight transportation

sustain-freight-trans3Dr Alok Choudhary is actively involved with two complementary research initiatives (Nex‑GIFT and REINVEST), which address the pressing challenge of minimising environmental impacts caused by the freight transportation industry (FTI). Thus, these projects aim at the development of innovative strategies, best practices, a knowledge framework and low carbon supply chain models for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of logistics and supply chain industry. More specifically, the anticipated improvements in logistics, energy management (including fuel saving), waste management and pollution control for three major freight modes of ship, rail and truck are expected to make the FTI more environmentally friendly and financially and socially sustainable. Work in progress includes industrial implementation, exploitation and visibility actions in the UK, India, and beyond. Therefore, this research is potentially highly impactful at organisational/industry and wider societal and environmental levels.

“Your research has immensely helped us to improve our processes including critical success factors, best practices from UK-USA_EU-India regions, a knowledge-based logistics sustainability assessment framework to low carbon logistics models. The framework helped us to identify important KPIs, their interrelationship, and priorities for us. The framework was developed through significant industrial involvement from across India by involving more than 20 companies. This research has played a significant role at Safexpress with the ability to review our logistics activities and environmental sustainability into our practices, which is set to make us globally competitive and to provide us with longer-trerm benefits. However, we believe that your project will produce significant savings for the organisation.”
Shisam Bhattacharyya, Safexpress, June 2016