Facilitating town centre consumer behaviour

town-centre-consumer-behave1Currently the UK’s shoppers have not yet deserted their local High Street. However, they no longer achieve what they want in their town centre visits. Therefore, physical business located in town centres will survive as long as consumers enjoy them. Consequently, the main goal of the Customer Experience of Town Centre research by Catherine Hart is focused upon developing the fullest possible understanding of the customer experience in town centres. Ultimately, research outcomes will help attract more visitors to town centres and, consequently, achieving the survival of businesses located in these places.

“The BRC is very pleased to support Loughborough University in the production of this important research, investigating the Customer Experience of Town Centres. We are committed to playing a central role in the future of town centres and continue to promote the need for the right balance of effective policies and local management to support successful urban centres. This research provides a timely and welcome analysis of a vitally important element of town centre success – customers and their use of town centres.

The research will help policymakers, investors and the government understand what customers want from town centres and why they choose to visit and spend time and money in a given location.”
Tom Ironside, British Retail Consortium, January 2014