Digital high street index

digital-high-st1This research, led by Dr Fiona Ellis‑Chadwick, is a timely response to the need of improving digital skills on the UK high streets, especially among SMEs, the voluntary community and social enterprise sector. The importance of developing an appropriate Digital High Street Health/Performance Index (DHSPI) has been pointed out, among other priorities, by the Digital High Street 2020 Report (March 2015). The aim of the DHSPI is to monitor 4 dimensions: Digital Infrastructure; Digital Skills; High Street Attractiveness, and Community/Customer engagement. It will provide insight into the digital health and fitness of towns and cities, as well as identification of areas for investment and development.

“The Index that Loughborough University is building for us will be paramount to the success of the digital pilot because it will be the index and reporting that provides the evidence that the solutions we have used for the pilot work and that there is a need for a national roll out and indeed a phase 2. Phase 2 of the digital retail project will require sophistication and further build of the index as well as continued reporting enhancement. We see our relationship with Loughborough University being a long and fruitful one, working hand in hand to prove this concept. We recognise Loughborough University playing a major role in the digital pilot and value their support, experience and knowledge.”
Sarah Tyler, GFirst LEP, August 2016

“The quality of your input fully attested to your knowledge and expertise in the implementation of e‑commerce solutions in the small business sector and enhanced the skill set of our own team. It is a testimony to the breadth and depth of the research undertaken by you personally and by your faculty at the School of Business and Economics. Your contribution to our proposal delivered a sound academic foundation in an area of e‑commerce that is becoming ever more crucial as the gap between large corporations and small businesses continues to grow.”
Marcus Hallside, Innovative Compliance Europe Ltd., July 2016