Conceptual modeling for simulation

concept-model-simulationAbstracting a model from a real or proposed system simulation models are simplifications of reality. This on-going research by Professor Stewart Robinson is focused upon the use of discrete-event simulation for modelling operations systems or operating systems and can be applied to a variety of contexts and situations.

“Two colleagues and I used the methodology described in chapters 1 and 4 of Professor Robinson’s manual, Conceptual Modeling for Discrete-Event Simulation, to frame out system-level requirements for two large scale simulation systems… In early 2012‑2013, our organization conducted an in-depth needs assessment and a preliminary engineering effort…  The effort reflects a “first of its kind” accomplishment for the agency’s modeling and simulation program.  The effort has now moved into engineering design. Our organization anticipates that this effort will significantly improve the internal consistency with which the simulation represents its simuland as well as the simulation’s capacity for representing large-scale scenarios.  Moreover, this effort is expected to enable simulation overseers to more effectively manage simulation complexity than has historically been the case.”
Loren Wisehart, Modern Technology Solutions, Inc., August 2016